Company Overview

Company name
Fuekinori Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Founded in
1886 (Meiji 19)
Established in
1924 (Taisho 3)
Yasuhiko Kajita
JPY 30,000,000
Business Content
  • Stationery Manufacture and sale of glue, adhesives, calligraphy supplies, character stationery, etc., including "starch glue", and planning, development, and research of related products.

  • Cosmetics Planning, manufacturing, sales, development and research of cosmetics.

  • Pro Tools Manufacture, planning and sales of architectural and industrial products (mainly writing instruments).


main office

Head Office

2-62, Takefuchihigashi, Yao-shi, Osaka, Japan
zip code : 581-0053

  • By train
    • Yamatoji Line Kyuhoji, 20-minute walk.
    • Tanimachi Line Deto, 20-minute walk.
  • By car
    • For visitors coming from the Namba direction on Route 25, turn right at the Kamei West Intersection, enter the Central Circular Route, perform a U-turn at Nagayoshi Deto intersection, turn left before Ramen Kamukura and the right at the end of the street.
    • For visitors coming from the Nara direction on Route 25, turn left at the fork of Kamei West Intersection and follow the road.