• 2019Reiwa 1
    Fueki-kun Jetstream is released in collaboration with Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.s "Jetstream". (September)
    Moisturizing cream with a fragrant scent and Aaqua jelly cream are released (October)

    In November, we also released a scented tube-type fragrance hand cream.

  • 2020Reiwa 2
    Fueki-kun tape released in collaboration with Kokuyo Co., Ltd.s "Dot Liner" (February)

    The tape glue, which has been requested by many customers from before, is finally on sale.

    Fueki-kun stationery K set and Fueki-kun masking tape released (April)
    A new seriese "Fueki Ranger," has appeared in Fueki-kun Glue. (September)

    Fueki Ranger joined with the image of a squadron. The official Fueki Instagram also features a four-frame cartoon of Fueki Ranger. (* All 28 episodes are open to the public)

    "Fueki shop" opens in Osaka Shinsaibashi Parco Tokyu Hands. (November)

    Under the management of Heso Production, the shop "Fueki Shop" specializing in Fueki-kun has opened from November 20th. We have a wide range of products from stationery to apparel and miscellaneous goods, as well as sweets that can only be eaten here.

  • 2021Reiwa 3
    Opened the first overseas Fueki shop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong (January)

    Following the Japanese Fueki shop, a Fueki-kun specialty store has opened in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Many items that are not sold in Japan have been released, and the space where you can buy a non-woven mask, which is indispensable in daily life as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus (COVID-19), is especially popular. * The Wan Chai store will close in September, and another store will be open.

    Reproduction version of Doubutunori released (January)

    The elephant / rabbit container that was originally on sale for "Doubutunori" has been released as a reproduction. The 60g size is sold as a set of three.

    Akapackun designed by Fueki-kun is on sale (January) Fueki-kun Jet Stream 2nd stage released (February) Fueki Ranger Stationery released (March)

    Following Fueki-kun glue, a new stationery has appeared as the "Fueki Ranger Series" such as ballpoint pens, glue sticks, notepads, clear files, and masking tape.

    "Fueki's official online shop" opened (March)

    With the rapid spread of SNS etc., the official online shop finally opened this year. In addition to Fueki-kun stationery and cosmetics, new products such as the online limited brand "Fueki Classic" have been added and are now on sale.
    "Fueki Classic" is a design series that brings out the retro atmosphere of Fueki.

  • 2022Reiwa 4
    Fueki site renewal (January)

    Entire site has been renewed to make it easier to browse on tablet devices.

    Released 3 new items in Fueki Cosmetics (January)

    Three types of "Fueki Yasashii Punipuni Mask", "Fueki Medicated Lip Cream" and "Fueki Yasashii Lip Balm" are now on sale.
    Based on the concept of "can be used by parents and children", the formula is gentle on the skin.

    Fueki's official LINE account is opened (February)
    Fueki kun stationery new items on sale (April)

    Fueki kun flake seal, A5 size clear holder, Maruman collaboration miniature croquis book and miniature design sketchbook are now on sale.

    Pet goods with Fueki kun pattern will be released exclusively on EC (May)

    Pet beds, cat tunnels, cushions, and other pet Fueki kun patterned products are now available exclusively at the official online store.

    Released Fueki kun SC hand cream and Fueki kun SC lip cream (September)

    As a new lineup of Fueki Cosmetics, a hand cream with a silicon cover and a lip balm with a silicon cap with a cute Fueki kun mascot have appeared.


  • 1989Heisei 1
    Launched Japan's first solid correction pen "EASK"

    Japan's first solid correction pen "EASK", which was developed with the concept of "does not spill, does not come out too much, can be used without shaking, and does not require a dilute solution", was on sale.At the same time, the correction tape "EASK" (October) and the clean solid paper turning "Kamicool" containing eucalyptus extract were released by utilizing the solidification technology such as glue stick.

  • 1990Heisei 2
    A patent for a new "starch glue composition" that prevents aging and decrease in viscosity has been registered(Patent No. 1542003, January 31).

    In addition, we received the "Industrial Technology Award" from the Osaka Industrial Research Association (Osaka Municipal Industrial Research Institute) for the technology of "development of starch paste for office use with excellent storage stability". (May)
    In September, the 1st International Stationery, Paper Products and Office Equipment Exhibition (ISOT'90) was held at Makuhari Messe, and our company also exhibited. (Exhibited in 20 overseas countries)

  • 1993Heisei 5
    Began sale of new "Postcard Purpose EASK" (January)
    Began sale of new "Construction Purpose Permanent Marker," "Construction Purpose Soft Color" (March)
    Announced the new "O'Glue Refill,” changed the O'Glue Design (July)
  • 1994Heisei 6
    Began sale of new solid type (lipstick like) sock adhesive “Socks Glue” (August).
  • 1995Heisei 7
    Began sale of new anti-bacterial "O'Glue" and "Stick" (February)
    Began sale of new "Temporary Stick" (February),
    new "Extra Strength Stick" (October)
  • 1996Heisei 8
    Began sale of new definitive version of sponge type liquid glue "Atffice Glue" (January) ( Now AG6 )
  • 1998Heisei 10
    Began sale of new "O'Glue Refill Garbage Reducing Pack" (April)

    Received the "Industrial Technology Award" from the Osaka Industrial Research Association (Osaka Municipal Industrial Research Institute) for "The development of office type solid adhesive" (May).
    Began sale of eco-products (O'Glue, Atffice Glue, Stick, Starch Paste) (September). Endorsed the Green Purchasing Network movement and became a member.

  • 1999Heisei 11
    Began sale of new sparkly marker type paint "Lameart" (January).
    Began sale of new "Twintype Glue" 3 item.
  • 2000Heisei 12
    Began sale of the new environmental friendly solid glue "Stick SG" series increased volume model (January).
    Began sale of new "Black EASK" (March).
  • 2001Heisei 13
    Began sale of the solid corrective EASK "Soft Tone" (February).
    Began sale of the color erasing Stick (May).
    Began sale of the SG25R refill (for the SG25 unit) (June).
    Began sale of the renewed Bokusai Color Label (November).
  • 2002Heisei 14
    Began sale of the Fragrance Stick with aromatherapeutic components (October).
  • 2003Heisei 15
    Began sale of the renewed eraser of rust removal (February).
    Began sale of the wrinkle preventing egg-shaped container "Eco Egg" (May).

    It was developed with the environment in mind, with the main ingredients including polysaccaride and the container being made out of 90% recycled plastic.

  • 2004Heisei 16
    Began sale of the "Decoration Paint 8 Colors" for drawing 3D lines like a pen (March).
    Began sale of the limited version of O'Glue GK, the DOG series (May).
  • 2005Heisei 17
    Began sale of the "Decoration Paint 2 Fluorescent Colors + Gold and Silver" (March).
    Began sale of the new and improved "EASK Solid Correction Pen" (September).
    Began sale of "Animal Card Memos," the fancy product shaped like animals.
  • 2006Heisei 18
    Began sale of "Decoration Paint Fine Writing" (January).
    Began sale of "Static Electricity Removal Pen".
    Began sale of "Nori Kaleidoscope" made from recycled industrial waste.
  • 2007Heisei 19
    Began sale of the "Fruit Card Memo" following Animal Card Memo.
  • 2008Heisei 20
    Yasuhiko Kajita becomes President and Representative Director on June 26 Fueki-kun has become a character, and Fueki-kun goods have been licensed Entered the cosmetics industry at the same time, and released the first Fueki cosmetics "Nakayoshi Hand Cream"

    Commercialization that utilizes the character of "Doubutu nori" that is familiar to children and adults. We have released a product that contains hand cream in a container of "Doubutu nori".The moisturizing effect of starch is used as a raw material for cosmetics.

    Launched high-end stationery series "METAPHYS" METAPHYS "3waypen", "2mm core holder", "viss" wins Good Design Award

    Received the Stationery of the Year 2008 at the Small and Medium Business Administration Special Award, at the International Stationery and Paper Products Exhibition 2008 (ISOT).
    Also, in this year, limited production colors of FD16 size (160g) and FD6 size (60g) were released as "Doubutu nori color". The FD6 size is now a standard product.

  • 2009Heisei 21
    Released 30 designes of 1set Fueki-kun glue stick
    Released 10 designes of unscented and cute Fuekinori in the liquid glue "O'glue"
    Launched "Nakayoshi UV Cream", a full-body UV cream that can be used by children and adults

    In addition, "Nakayoshi Moisturizing Cream 50g", "Nakayoshi Moisturizing Cream 140g", "Nakayoshi Cool Gel", "Honey Lemon Mask", "Nakayoshi Whip Face Wash", "Nakayoshi Lip Cream", etc. were released, and Fueki's cosmetics expanded.

  • 2010Heisei 22
    Released "Fueki-kun Stationery"

    Released "Mechanical pencil", "Ballpoint pen", "Twin marker", "Figure strap", and "Plump type sticker". Along with that, Fueki-kun's face-shaped display set was planned and sold.

    Play set products Launch of "Modern Fueki", a collaboration product of "Modern Pets" and "Doubutu nori"

    A collaboration project with Mr. Shirou Nakano, a play set. Changed the featured eyes and added modern pet-colored items.

  • 2011Heisei 23
    "Fueki-kun Stationery 2" released

    Released "A6 Double Ring Notebook," "A6 Volume Memo," "Die-cut Sticky Note," "Eraser," and "Petit Face Sticker." Along with that, we planned and released a memo display set.

    Fueki-kun develops the "Yasashii" series of cosmetics

    Released "Yasashii Lip Cream", "Yasashii Hand Cream" and "Yasashii Fresh Gel".

    Released "Fueki-kun Stationery 3"

    Released "Pencil (B ・ 2B)", "Schedule Sticker", "Clear Holder", and "Die Cut Memo".

  • 2012Heisei 24
    Began sale of stick glue of "Nameraka Stick", which is an adhesive with a smooth feel, and "Hagaseru Stick", which is a removable adhesive.
  • 2013Heisei 25
    Released "Shiwaninaranai Nori"

    Although it is a liquid type, we have developed a glue that does not wrinkle the paper and can be sticked cleanly.

  • 2014Heisei 26
    "Fueki-kun Glue" released (January)

    Liquid glue was released in a new container with the same face as the "Doubutu nori". It was developed for children who have graduated from starch paste, but it has become a popular product because it has hit a wide range of age groups.

    "FC Hand Cream" released (September)

    Released a hand cream using a starch paste tube container. There was coverage from many media and many were introduced on TV.

    Released "Clear Holder that can be printed" with an inkjet printer (December)

    Developed and released a clear holder that can be printed with a home inkjet printer.

    "Fueki-kun Stationery 4" released (December)

    The following year, 2015 will be the 40th anniversary of the "Doubutu nori", so many Fueki-kun stationery such as "ballpoint pen", "mechanical pencil", "mini memo", "fusen", and "clear holder W" have appeared.

  • 2015Heisei 27
    Released "Shiwaninaranai Nori refill" and "Shiwaninaranai Nori replacement sponge cap" (June)

    Along with demand, a replacement sponge cap and replenishing glue for Shiwaninaranai Nori has been released.

    "Fueki yasashii Coco horse oil" released (September)
    Released "Printable Clear Holder White" and "Value Pack 100 Sheets" (October)

    The clear holder white that can be printed released. Since the base color is white, more beautiful printing is possible. At the same time, we also released a set of 100 pieces for value pack.

  • 2016Heisei 28
    "Printgakireinihareru Nori" released (September)

    Released a liquid type glue specializing in print pasting for school children and students.

    From the cosmetics line, the bath essence "Bokuyoku 20" (October), which is based on the image of calligraphy supplies, is released.
    Eyeliner "Bokusai Fude Eyeliner" released (November).

    Since it has been manufacturing and selling ink for a long time at our company, the development of cosmetics with the motif of calligraphy supplies has started.

  • 2017Heisei 29
    Released "Doubutu no nori" with the character of the popular game software "Animal Crossing (Nintendo)" as a motif (February)

    As a tie-up, there was also the appearance of a character with Fueki-kun as a motif in the game of "Animal Crossing Amiibo +" and limited distribution of furniture etc. (* Delivery ended in May 2017.)

    Limited version for Fueki-kun Glue (September)

    As a dress-up project for Fueki-kun Glue, two types of "Old Story" and "Work" versions have appeared in the first.

    Fueki-kun Stationery 5 released (November)

    "Fueki-kun Die-cut Memo" has been redesigned as a revival product. Also released a new ”Face fusen" and "Osuwari fusen".

  • 2018Heisei 30
    Fueki-kun Stationery Set H released (February)

    Released a display set with Fueki-kun's die-cut POP.

    Bokugami oil removal paper is on sale from the cosmetic line (April)

    A4 size oil blotting paper that imitates calligraphy has appeared. Following the sumi bath and sumi brush series, it has a lineup of calligraphy motifs.

  • 2019Heisei 31
    The second limited version for Fueki-kun Glue released (February)

    The second "school" and "fairy tale" versions was released as a dress-up project for Fueki-kun Glue.

    Hanshin Tigers uniform version is now available on Fueki-kun Glue (March)

    Two types of Hanshin Tigers uniform design Fueki-kun glue have appeared for fans.

    Fueki-kun Stationery Set J released (March)

    Released a display set with the image of Fueki-kun's face.In the later Fueki-kun Stationery K set, the visual impact was well received at the store, and the same equipment was used.

    "Red glue" released (April)

    "Atffis glue" became difficult to obtain parts and was unfortunately discontinued, and a new sponge type "Red glue" was released.

Showa / prewar

  • 1927Showa 2
    Began sale of inkstone-less “Fueki Inkwell” (in a glass bottle with cork stopper)

    The continued momentum from the successful production of "Fueki India Ink" led to the commercialization of the portable and handy "Fueki Inkwell.” The container was well received for its ingenious design, but production was temporarily halted due to the Pacific War. Afterwards, this product would lead to the development of the Bokusai inkstone.

  • 19331933
    Began sale of “Fueki Ink” for writing and “ABC Ink” for fountain pens

    Changes in writing trends led to pens becoming more popular for writing than traditional brushes, resulting in a demand for different types of ink other than India ink. We expanded into the ink industry, and released "Fueki Ink" for writing and "ABC Ink" for fountain pens. The "ABC" brand became a household name across the country. Demand for ink would later decrease, and sale of the product was stopped in October 1953. "Cream Paste" for photography use (made from dextrin) was also sold for export purposes at this time. Research also began on the all-purpose powerful adhesive "Benkei Paste ®" (made from casein).

  • 1939Showa 14
    Built and opened factory in Ikuno, Osaka in order to meet growing demand.
  • 1940Showa 15
    The sales department of Fuekinori Kogyo Co.,Ltd. separated from the company to become independent as Fueki Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • 1941Showa 16
    Opened a Tokyo branch office for Fueki Shoji Co., Ltd to expand market share.Founded Tokai Fueki Shoji Co., Ltd in Nagoya.

    The company was renamed to Tokai Fueki Sangyo Co., Ltd in 1944 and closed in 1949 due to various causes.

  • 1943Showa 18
    Began sale of “Fueki Ink Eraser.”

    Sale began for "Fueki Ink Eraser," the compliment product to "Fueki Ink" and "ABC Ink," but the demand for the product went down along with ink demand after the war and sale was ceased in 1948.

  • 1944Showa 19
    Changed company name from Fueki Shoji Co., Ltd. to Fueki Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Showa / Postwar

  • 1955Showa 30
    Moved the main office to its current location at 2-62, Takefuchi Higashi, Yao City.

    (August 25th)Demolished the factory in Ikuno, maintained and expanded the production line at the Yao factory to begin intensive production of all Fueki products. Released the vermillion ink "Fueki Syueki" in the previous year.

  • 1958Showa 33
    Began sale of the compound liquid glue "Fueki Paste Super," which uses new water-based acrylic resin as its main ingredient.

    Switched from a thermal based "heat glue method" to a scientific based "cold glue method" for the product of "Fueki Paste.” In 1961, we would change the glass bottle, metal cap, and paper label to a new polyethylene bottle and tube.
    Began research and development on polyvinylacetate emulsion: PVAc-EM, built a new manufacturing plant and began sale of the wood and paper adhesive "Fueki Zole."

  • 1959Showa 34
    Opened a branch office in Tokyo

    (April 10th) Opened the Tokyo branch office in Kuraemae, Taito-ku, in order to increase market share in Tokyo and the rest of Eastern Japan.

  • 1961Showa 36
    Yao factory obtained a JIS Mark Certified Factory

    The "Fuekinori" Yao factory became a JIS Mark Certified Factory (Accreditation Number 8129) on June 19th. Work was underway to improve in-house regulations and quality control at this time, and our entire company began starting towards the future.

  • Showa 391964
    Installed a steam generator using high chimney and low sulfur heavy oil to prevent air pollution.
  • 1966Showa 41
    Began sale of the calligraphy ink "Bokusai"

    At this time, "calligraphy" became popular as an elective course in schools. Calligraphy schools in town were filled with students. We used our technology from the development of India ink to create the calligraphy purpose "Bokusai" ink, sold with the catchphrase "Writes smoothly with a rich black color," and it is still loved by many of our customers today.
    We continued to launch a number of liquid calligraphy inks such as the inkstone-less and ink stick-less "Bokusai Inkstone" in 1969, the bluish purple black "Fueki Blue Ink" in 1976, the dilute purpose "Thick Black [Bokusai]" and the reddish black "[Bokusai] for Arts" inks in 1980, and the "Bokusai [Color Label]" for students in 1986. We promoted and widely distributed "Fueki Bokuju" and "Fueki Syueki" to construction workers and artisans, and began sale of the "Construction Purpose Fueki Bokuju" in 1970 and the "Construction Purpose Fueki Syueki" in 1975. We then launched the "Fueki White Bokuju" in 1976, marking our success at entering the market for construction and artisan tool.

  • 1970Showa 45
    Installed drainage treatment equipment using a sedimentation and separation tank and a sludge dehydrator in order to prevent pollution.

    In 1975, this equipment's treatment power was increased through usage of dissolved air flotation and activated sludge process.

  • 1971Showa 46
    Portable, handy, and clean! Began sale of the solid glue “Fueki Hi-Stick”

    Began sale of the "Fueki Hi-Stick L" in 1975.

  • 1972Showa 47
    During this period, we added the high quality calligraphy ink "Bokusai Kokoro" (would later be renamed to ”expert purpose "Kokoro" ” ), and the thick art purpose inks "Bokusei [Koboku]" and "Bokusei [Seiboku]" one after the other to the Bokusai line of inks.

    In elementary schools in the year of 1971, and middle schools in 1972, the penmanship class was reentered into the regular school curriculum as Japanese "handwriting" class.
    Revision of JIS regulations for "Business Purpose (PASTE)" (March 1st). Abolished the six capacity regulation types for the paste.

  • 1973Showa 48
    Built a steel construction 3-story factory to improve production efficiency and workplace quality at the Yao head office and factory (August).
  • 1974Showa 49
    Began sale of the woodworking purpose "Fueki Bond" (polyvinylacetate emulsion: PVAc-EM).
  • 1975Showa 50
    Launched the "Fuekinori Doubutu" Series under the concept [Fun arts and crafts from a cute container]

    The product was well received by young children, and was a well-loved best seller up until release of "Doubutu nori color" in 2000.
    Also developed and released the "Fuekinori Himawari" for preschoolers, which is formalin-less and made from starch to be [Safety and Harmless].

  • 1976Showa 51
    Developed and sold the sponge type composite liquid glue "O'Glue P-15.”( later GP5 (Now GP5 wasdiscontinued.) ) 
  • 1978Showa 53
    Sold office purpose "O'Glue F-15" (Vertical type), and the wide-mouthed "O'Glue W-30" (120ml), as well as its economical refills (450ml).( Now GF5, GW12 (GW12 was discontinued. ))
  • 1979Showa 54
    At the time, we announced our liquid composite glues in various types of containers, including
    1979 Pencil-type sponge glue "O'Glue [Schoolmate]"
    1980 Application nozzle equipped "Fuekinori Hop"
    1982 Transparent glue "Fueki Jelly glue"
    1983 "Sneaker" and precise coating nozzle and inverted type "O'Glue [Ever line glue]"
    1984 Soft feeling "O'Glue [Ladymate]" for women, and "Animal Glue" with cats and rabbits
    1985 Composite glue "Q-ta-kun" (spherical) and the roll preventing cap-equipped "O'Glue R-10"
    1986 The "Bear" and "Little Pig" with "bear/pig caps"
    1987 Five designs of "O'Glue M-10" and fancy glue "Dream"
    1988 Heart shaped "Sweetheart" and "Q.T. O’GLUE," "O'GLUE REFILL"
    1989 "O'Glue G-10,” etc.
  • 1981Showa 56
    Made "Fueki Paste" formalin-free to ensure "Safety" and "Harmlessness."
  • 1983Showa 58
    Introduced the sponge-equipped liquid glue "O'Glue K-10" (30ml)

    Introduced "O'Glue K-10" with the catchphrase "Cute illustration with a refreshing scent!" making the best-selling brand "O'Glue" most popular among children and office use. ( now GK3 )

  • 1985Showa 60
    The JIS regulation for "office type PASTE" was revised (March 1st)

    Demand from consumer groups tightened regulations on free formaldehyde content by lowering the limit from 1.0% to 0.5%, but our company had already completed the formalin-free "Fueki Paste" four years prior to the revision.
    We announced the inverted type "O'Glue S-15,” which became a best-selling office type liquid glue. ( Now GS5 )

  • 1986Showa 61
    Converted the main raw material of "Fueki Paste" from flour to cornstarch Began sale of the crayon type composite glue "Crayon Glue."

    Began sale of the acrylic quick drying glue "GLUE 21". Began sale of the new and easy to use "Fueki Double-Sided Tape [Dry Edge Type]."

  • 1987Showa 62
    Began sale of the quick stick, quick removal memos "Memo-Z" and the "Tanzaku Gift Wrapping Paper."
  • 1988Showa 63
    Sale start solid glue, New ” Fueki Stick(STICK) ”

    Switched the compound to a PVP type and renewed the container.Opened a new "Stick" factory in order to meet growing demand. This year, due to the rising popularity of compound glue, the JIS regulations for "office type GLUE" were revised for consumer protection (May 1st). The main revision was adding "toxic substance" and "preservation" regulations to the existing quality regulation for "paste glue," "liquid glue," and "solid glue." The following are the results for the safety check done on "Fueki Paste.”

    Acute oral toxicity (LD50) Over 20g/kg (Mouse).
    Formaldehyde content 0.00%.
    Heavy metals (Pb/Cd/As) Not detected.
    Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health, Osaka Municipal Industrial Research Institute, Japan Stationery Inspection Association.

    In addition to the Osaka Stationery Industry Federation (established on October 11, 1952) and the Tokyo Stationery Industry Federation (established on December 23, 1945), we will newly collaborate with the national government to deal with the informatization, internationalization, and aging era. Established All Japan Stationery Association (May).

Meiji era

  • 1886Meiji 19
    Founded the Fuekinori Kogyo Co.,Ltd. predecessor "Adachi Shoten"

    Ichibei Adachi VIII founded Adachi Shoten.

  • 1895Meiji 28
    Birth of "Fueki Paste,” predecessor of Japan’s modern adhesive

    After years of research and guidance from Director Tsunehisa Fujii of the Osaka Commercial Museum (now the Osaka Government Industrial Research Institute), we invented our country's first "non-perishable paste".

    • "Fueki Paste" took its name from a quote by Chinese philosopher Xun Kuang, with Fueki meaning "(the quality)lasts for eternity." The product was given this name as a proud symbol of its everlasting quality.
  • 1896Meiji 29
    Entered the rubber/eraser market

    Sold a variety of stationery including “rubber balls,” “eraser pens,” and “rubber dolls.” While the rubber dolls were very popular because their expressions would change in numerous ways when played with, our company sold its equipment at the beginning of the Taisho period and left the market.

  • 1901Meiji 34
    Registered the trademark rights for "Fueki Paste"

    (class 67 at the time, class 70 under the old classification system, trademark registration number 56931), the first trademarked product of the company.

    The trademark combined a "cherry blossom flower" with the characters for "不易糊" and the letter 'A', and the rights to this mark are still held today. The 'A' represents not only the beginning of ADACHI, but also the start of "ABC," "ACE," "AIUEO,".

  • 1909Meiji 42
    Started manufacturing "chewing gum" for the first time in Japan

    Utilizing the technology of the rubber industry, we started the production of "chewing gum" for the first time in Japan. One could say we were in direct competition with the US’ Wrigley. The product name is called [Hakuryuu], and the name remains on the first page of the history of chewing gum.
    However, probably because it was released half a century ago, it didn't suit the tastes of Japanese people at that time, and it hardly sold.

  • 1910Meiji 43
    Started manufacturing ABC stamp ink for export, sponge type "ABC Arabic glue"

    Adachi Shoten subsequently focused on the stationery route and solidified its foundation. The company also developed and manufactured ABC stamp ink for export and "ABC Arabic glue" (liquid glue), a sponge-type product made from natural gum arabic that does not stain the fingertips.
    The company also developed and manufactured ABC stamp ink for export and "ABC Arabic Glue" (liquid glue), a sponge-type glue made from natural gum arabic and exported mainly to Java. The production was discontinued around 1921.

Taisho era

  • 1923Taisho 12
    Began sale of “Hinomoto Paste ®” as an alternate brand

    In an attempt to increase market share in the Chubu, Kanto, and Hokkaido regions, our company started its branch office in Tokyo as a base to sell “Hinomoto Paste ®” as an alternate brand to these regions. The brand was produced until 1940, and was later merged into “Fueki Paste.”

  • 1924Taisho 13
    Reorganized Adachi Shoten and established Fuekinori Kogyo Co., Ltd. (November 22)

    The head office factory used to be located at 6 Higashi Nigiwai Cho, Minami-ku, Osaka, Minami-ku, Osaka (currently 6-11-3 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka).
    We began production of our gum arabic "Fueki Gum Paste" in this year, but were forced to temporarily stop production due to the imports of gum arabic being halted during the Pacific War, and the increasing difficulty of ordering key ingredients such as sponge. After the war, the product was relaunched once as "Fueki Gum Paste" in April 1950 and once as "Fueki Arabic Paste" in July 1956, but high efficiency and high quality material became obtainable at mass for low prices due to the advance of petrochemical industry and the invention of new plastics, leading the 40 year old glue to give up its seat to the new business purpose glue "Fueki Super" in October 1964.

  • 1925Taisho 14
    Began manufacture and sale of the "Fueki Bokuju" brand, India Ink.

    Many years of research came to fruition this year as we succeeded in manufacturing Indian ink. We succeeded in used leading colloid science techniques to devise a method for stabilizing the dispersion of soot (carbon black) corpuscles in water in order to "liquefy sumi," and began manufacture and sale of "Fueki Bokujuu" brand. The experience and technology used in developing the liquid "Fueki India Ink" was later passed on to make our high quality "Fueki Syueki" and calligraphy "Bokusai."