Marker for High Strenght Bolt/ Eracser   ▼more

The special pen tip makes a perfect fit for bolt-ridges!
Improve your work efficiency with certain marking!
Draw lines that are quick, clean, and certain.

Holder for Marker for High Strenght Bolt  ▼more

The cap and holder are combined, increasing your work speed by allowing you uncap your marker with one hand and start writing immediately. Simply stick the attachment into the top of your holder for as many markers as you like. Accepts belts up to a width of 55mm.

Marker for waterproof construction black board                    ▼more

Will not blot post-drying when exposed to small quantities of water.Only for water-resistant black boards.
Comes with a clip-equipped cap. Alcohol-based ink.

Marker for white board for construction photograph                 ▼more

Clear and deep writing, doesn’t blur, and is dry-resistant.
The ink attaches firmly to the surface and will resist blurring when exposed to water. Comes with a clip-equipped cap.

Oily marker / Bold             ▼more

Bold and deep permanent marker for writing.
The cap can be put into the back of the unit during use.

Not dry marker-twin type          ▼more

The pen nib will not dry out even if left uncapped for 48 hours.A convenient twin type marker. *Marker will dry slowly when used on slick surfaces like plastic.

Water-resistant marker           ▼more

Marker for wet surfaces.For wet surfaces both indoors and outdoors((Optimal for metal, plastic, and glass.))
Trustworthy marking for work on rainy days or in wet areas.

Water-resistant Solid marker        ▼more

Can even write on wet surfaces.Marks made on smooth surfaces can be easily erased with a wet cloth.* Marks made on wood, concrete, or any porous surface cannot be completely erased.

Kienai marker -Medium          ▼more

For marking ((wood, decorative plywood, PVC pipes, iron and steel, glass, plastic))) It uses pigment so it is both highly light resistant and water resistant.
4mm(Round core)

Kienai marker for-reinforcing bar     ▼more

The long-awaited rebar-purpose Permanent Marker is now on sale.Use it for marking iron and steel!
2mm(Round core)

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