Fueki bokuju ―不易墨汁―      ▼more

Ink made for marking on wood, plywood, and concrete.
Lines drawn with this ink will be distinct, vivid,
and water resistant. Works well with marking strings and cotton. Dried cotton can be easily restored with water.

Fueki syueki ―不易朱液―       ▼more

This vivid and bright vermilion is great for marking in construction or floor plan delineation.
It uses pigment so it is light resistant.

Fueki white bokuju ―不易白墨汁―  ▼more

Uses high quality titanium dioxide pigment for high coating power and a clear finish.After marking iron or steal do not rust, and does not get repelled by oily iron.
Use for plywood, asphalt, or all kinds of flooring.

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